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How to print patterns under black bottom fabric?

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The black-colored flower cloth is made of aniline black as a base color, and is dyed with a reactive dye, vat dye, and a stable insoluble azo dye. This method has a dark background, a clear color, and a low cost. The disadvantage is that aniline is toxic and hinders labor protection.


The principle of anti-staining is that aniline black hydrochloride needs to be oxidized in an acidic medium, so alkali chemicals and reducing agents can be used to prevent aniline salt from oxidizing color. The alkali agent includes caustic soda, soda ash, sodium acetate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and the like. The reducing agent includes sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium hydrogen sulfite, and white powder.


The difference between padding and dyeing of aniline black background is that the oxygen-conducting agent uses potassium salt of yellow blood instead of copper sulfate. Because its oxygen-conducting effect is milder than that of copper sulfate, it can neutralize the hydrochloric acid released by the aniline black during the steaming process to prevent the cloth from being brittle; and it can completely oxidize the aniline black. However, the resulting color is not as good as that obtained by using copper sulfate, and the cost is also high. If you use sodium salt of yellow blood, the dosage should be increased by about 15% compared with the potassium salt of yellow blood.


The base fabric is applied cannot be alkali-charged, or the base color is red.


The resist agent for reactive dyes for coloring patterns is a combination of sodium thiosulfate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, sodium acetate and zinc oxide.


The resist agent for the coloring patterns is a combination of sodium thiosulfate, sodium acetate and zinc oxide.


The resist agent for vat dyes is combined with zinc oxide, caustic soda and white powder.


The coloring agent is a combination of caustic soda and zinc oxide with a dye inhibitor for stabilizing the insoluble azo dye.

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