Solvent Violet 31(TDS)

Application and parameters of Solvent Violet 31

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Solvent Violet 31

Transparent Violet RR
Oil Violet 26
Solvent Violet F3B
Fast Rose FF3B
Red Violet RS
Violet E4R

CAS NO: 70956-27-3

CI.NO: Solvent Violet 31

Molecular Formula: C14H8Cl2N2O2
Molecular Weight: 307.13
Shade: Blue light purple.
In concentrated sulfuric acid for shallow dark brown, dilution after purple.

Solvent Violet 31 Physical and Chemical properties


Light Fastness



Melting point







1. High thermal stability;

2.  Good light fastness and weather fastness;

3. Bright colors and high coloring strength;

4. High brightness.

When dissolved in a plastic melt, the distribution is molecular. When all kinds of plastics are colored, the corresponding proportion can be directly added into the plastic evenly mixing can be pre-molded or molded, tonal concentration can be required to mix dye in the transparent clean resin, can obtain bright transparent tone. If used in combination with an appropriate amount of titanium dioxide and dyes, you can obtain translucent or opaque tone.

Dosage can be agreed according to the need, the general dosage in transparent tone is 0.02% ~ 0.05%, the normal dosage of opaque tone is about 0.1%.

Solvent Violet 31 Application:

it can be used for different resins coloring, such as PS,HISP,ABS,PC,PET,etc. also used for smoke,oil,wax,ink.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Solvent Violet 31 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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