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Solvent Red 111

Transparent Red GS
Morplas Red AAP
Sandoplast Red PFS
Akasol Red B
Krasol Red G
Simpsol Red 24613
Vicosol Red 111
Waxol Red KMA
Waxoline Red MPS

CAS NO: 82-38-2

CI.NO: 60505

Chemical Family: Anthraquinone series
Molecular Formula: C15H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 237.25
Shade: yellowish red powder

Solvent Red 111 Physical and Chemical properties



Melting Point(°C)


Light Fastness


Heat resistance


Flash Point (°C)


Boiling Point(°C)




Butyl Acetate














Transparent red GS series solvent dyes, used alone can give transparent plastic clear and bright color; Mixed with titanium dioxide, it produces amazing results. Transparent red GS can also be used as a secondary or primary color in combination with other pigments.
Solvent red dye 111 with high heat resistance, soluble in acetone, ethanol, fibrin and linflax oil, slightly soluble in benzene and carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in stout solvent; The general dosage of the transparent color of the product is 0.02% ~ 0.05%, and the normal dosage of the opaque color is about 0.1%. The heat resistance can reach 240℃ ~ 300℃, the fastness to sunlight is grade 6 ~ 7, grade 7 ~ 8, and the resistance to migration is grade 3 ~ 4, the coloring strength is 100% ± 3%.
The heat resistance of the product can reach 300/5min in styrene, 260-280/5min in ABS, 350/5min in polycarbonate and 280/5min in nylon 6.

Perrin, ethanol, fibrinolysin and linseed oil, slightly soluble in benzene and carbon tetrachloride, insoluble in stout solvent. It is brown in concentrated sulfuric acid and dark orange after dilution. 

Preparation method: 1-chloroallium or allium-1-sulfonic acid is treated with methylamine under pressure and in the presence of an oxidant.

Referance: 2003,40(1):54

CH629836;DE3115548(1981),144634,175024,19635426( 1998), 256515,2622838( 1976),2629524( 1978);EP368750( 1990);GB211 720,21710/11,219349;JP07-331094(1995),08259508(1996),0624 7912(1994),07331049(1978)

English Name:

ABCOL Red lll(ACI)

Akasol Red B(ACD)

Amaplast Red AAP(CCl) A

marplast Red SR(Amar)

Amarsol Red SR(Amar)

AP Red lll(APCP)

Atlasol Red Z(ATL)

Calco Oil Red ZMQ(PYL)

Catco Oil Red ZMQ(ACY)

Classic Solvent Red 111(CD)

Dayglo Solvent Red 11 l(DGC)

Dikai Solvent Red 11 l(HZDK)

Elbaplast Red R(HDC)

Fabripcrm Solvent Red 1 ll(FABR)

Fabrisol Red 2G(SR-7111)(FAB)

Fatsol Red GS(CFT)

Indasol Red G(1KL)

Jaysol Red GF(JD)

Kayaset Red G(KYK)

Kenawax Red MP(HAYS)

Keyplast Red AA-TL(KEY)

KPSolve Red 3A(KPS)

Krasol Red G(KRAS)

Macrolex Red G(DYS)

Macroiex Red GS(PYL)

Morplas Red AAP(MRT)

Morton Red AAP(PYL)

Naviplast Red G(IDI)

Novasol Red RRR(Hunt)

Oil Red lll(DNT)

Oil Red lll(LNIE)

Oil Red lll(PSC)

Oplas Red 33O(KKK)

Ostaplast Red 2G(SBU)

Pcrmalex Creamsicle(STD)

Permalex Fire Engine Red(STD)

Permalex Passion Red(STD)

Permalex Peach(STD)

Permalex Red GR(STD)

Permalex Red GS(STD)

Permalex Red GS-B(STD)

Polymer Red SR(JKL)

Polysolve Red lll(PLSV)

Rosaplast Red EGTL(ROSE)

Sandoplast Red PFS(CLAR)

Shaanxi Solvent Red 11 l(SXFT)

Simpsol Red 24613(WSS)

Solvent Red B(GCI)

Solvent Red GS(NBIE)

Solvent TSA Red 111 (TSA)

Spectra Red AAP(SCC)

Sumiplast Red AS(NSK)

Transparent Red GS(JSIE)

Uniplas Red lll(UCM)

Vicosol Red lll(VCC)

Waxol Red KMA(DEV)

Waxol Red KMA(SI)

Waxoline Red MP FW(ICI)

Waxoline Red MPS(PYL)

Solvent Red 111 Application:

Main used in coloring different kinds of plastics,such as PS,HIPS,ABS,PMMA,AS,PET,RPVC,SAN,etc. also used in resin,wax,ink and fibre.

It can be used as the intermediate of dyes and pigments. It has the same chemical structure as c.l.disse red 9.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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