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How to improve the dye uptake rate of anionic direct dyes?

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The effect of temperature on the dyeing performance of different dyes is not same. For direct dyes with high dyeing rate and good diffusion performance, the color is the deepest at 60-70 °C, and the dyeing rate above 90 °C decreases. as such dyes, in order to shorten the dyeing time, the dyeing temperature is 80-90 ° C. After dyeing for some time, the temperature of the dye liquor is decreased, and the dye continues to dye the fiber and increaseing dyeing percentage. For direct dyes, increasing the temperature can accelerate the diffusion of dyes and increase the dyeing rate. The temperature at which the highest percentage of dyeing is obtained during the conventional dyeing time is referred to as the highest dyeing temperature. According to the highest dyeing temperature, the direct dye is usually divided into the low temperature dye with the highest dyeing temperature below 70 °C. The middium dye that temperature is 70-80 °C and the dyeing temperature is 90-100 °C called High temperature dyes.

In production practice, cotton and viscose woven fabrics are usually dyed at around 95 ° C, and the dyeing temperature of the silk knitted fabric is low because the excessive temperature is detrimental to the fiber gloss, and the optimum dyeing temperature is 60 to 90 ° C. Properly reducing the dyeing temperature and prolonging the dyeing time are better for production.

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