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Application and parameters of direct dye products

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Direct dye violet

  • Direct Violet 1

    CAS NO.:2586-60-9
    Direct Violet N
    Direct Violet 4RB
    Chlorazol Violet N
    Diamine Violet N
    Dianil Violet H
    Erie Violet 3R
    Pontamine Violet N
  • Direct Violet 9

    CAS NO.:6227-14-1
    Direct Fast Violet BK
    Direct Fast Violet MB
    Direct Brilliant Violet C
    Atlantic Brilliant Violet B
    Benzo Brilliant Violet 5B
    BrilliantBenzo Violet BA-CF
    Brilliant Paper Violet 2BP
    Calcomine Brilliant Violet B
    Chloramine Brilliant Violet B
    DiaphtamineBrilliant Violet B
    Diazol Brilliant Violet B
    Diphenyl Brilliant Violet DB
  • Direct Violet 12

    CAS NO.:2429-75-6
    Direct Violet R
    Direct Violet O
    Direct Violet RB

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