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Direct Red 23

Direct Red 4BS
Fast Red 4BS
Direct Scarlet 4BS
Direct Scarlet Lightfast
Direct Scarlet SE
Direct acid resistant red 4BS
Enianil Fast Scarlet 4BS
Erie Fast Scarlet SCB
Nippon Fast Scarlet 4BS
Nyanza Fast Scarlet 4BSA
Orbamin Scarlet 4BS
Paper Scarlet 4BS

CAS NO: 3441-14-3

CI.NO: 29160

Molecular Formula: C35H25N7Na2O10S2
Molecular Weight: 813.73
Shade: red. Purple powder.

Direct Red 23 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth % 2
Insolubles % 0.15
Light Fastness 2-3
Washing Fatness 3
Rubbing fastness(dry) 3
Rubbing fastness(wet) 2

Colour Fastness Test

sun exposure






acidand alkali resistant

standard depth



original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained



















Appearance of Direct Red 23(Direct Red 4BS) is generally purple-red uniform powder. Dissolved in water is bright red, slightly soluble in alcohol, orange, insoluble in acetone. Large red to magenta in concentrated sulfuric acid After dilution, it turns brownish orange; there is orange-yellow precipitate in concentrated nitric acid; it is red in concentrated sodium hydroxide, and dilute sulfuric acid is added to the blue water in the aqueous solution. Concentrated hydrochloric acid has burgundy precipitate, plus 10% soda ash. Change. When the copper ion color is dimmed, the color of the iron ion is almost unchanged.

Direct Red 23 Application:

Mainly used in viscose etc of cellulose fiber dyeing, also can be used for silk, wool, paper and pulp dyeing, also can be used in the manufacture color which have pigment.

Use condition:

1. Direct Red 23 (Direct Red 4BS) dyed cotton or viscose fiber has yellow-red color, good dyeing rate, poor transferability, sensitive to salt. It is recommended to slowly heat up and add salt to control the dyeing, which can obtain uniform color. The dye bath should be naturally cooled to 80 ° C in the later stage to facilitate the dye exhaustion.

2.It can be used to dye silk and wool. The dyed silk fabric is lighter than the upper dyed cotton and viscose fiber yellow, and can be dyed with Jiaming powder and acetic acid. Cotton, viscose and other When the fiber is dyed in the same bath, the wool is much lighter than the cotton and viscose fiber, the nylon is heavily stained, and the diacetate and polyester are slightly stained.

3. It can be used for direct printing of cotton or viscose fabric, plus urea and disodium hydrogen phosphate to adjust the color paste.

Can also be used for silk fabric printing.

4. It is also used for color matching with yellow, orange, red and brown dyes. It is used for dyeing cotton or viscose fiber.


When the dark color is dyed slowly, it is easy to control, the light color is dyed very fast, and due to the poor transferability, Direct Red 23 is easy to produce color flowers, which should be noted.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Direct Red 23 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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