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Application and parameters of Acid Black 2

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Acid Black 2

Nigrosine Black
Acid Nigrosine
Nigrosine water soluble
Acid Grains Black
Nigrosine Black 2 Nigrosine MS Conc
Water-soluble Nigrosine Black Shoe polish black
Nigrosine W/S
Nigrosine WLL
Nigrosine B
Nigrosine G.HN
Nigrosine K
Nigrosine S
Nigrosine Z
Water Nigrosine SB

CAS NO: 8005-03-6

CI.NO: 50420

Molecular Formula: C22H14N6O9S2-3.2[NA]
Molecular Weight: 616.49

Acid Black 2 Physical and Chemical properties

SYNONYMS Nigrosine; C.I. 50420; Nigrosin water soluble; 
nigrosin cell culture tested; Nigrosin Acid black;
 Acid Black 5 (50420); Nigrosin
CAS NO 8005-3-6
Appearance Black crystal Black
Moisture 6% max 4.50%
Ash Content 17% max 15.10%
Strength 100% 108%

Colour Fastness Test

Test Methods


Alkali shrinkage

Acid shrinkage

Seawater discoloration

Soaping discoloration

Sun exposure








The appearance is black with glittering particles. Acid Black 2 is soluble in water and blue-violet, soluble in ethanol and blue. The dye is blue in concentrated sulfuric acid, and it is purple after dilution and forms a precipitate. The aqueous solution plus sodium hydroxide has a dark purple precipitate.

Acid Black 2 Application:

mainly used for dyeing leather. It is also suitable for dyeing paper, wood, soap, anodized aluminum, wool, silk, and also for making ink.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Acid Black 2 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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