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Solvent Green 5

Fluorescent Yellow 8G
AP Green 5
Oil Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorol Green Golden 084
Kenawax Gluorescent Yellow FGGP
Keyplast Fluorescent Yellow Green 7G
Thermoplast F Yellow 084

CAS NO: 79869-59-3

CI.NO: 59075

Chemical Family: Bei sereis
Molecular Formula: C30H28O4
Molecular Weight: 452.54
Shade: yellow powder.

Solvent Green 5 Physical and Chemical properties



Melting Point(°C)


Light Fastness


Heat resistance




Butyl Acetate








1. High thermal stability;

2. Good light fastness and weather fastness;

3. Bright colors and high coloring strength;

4. High brightness.

When dissolved in a plastic melt, the distribution is molecular. When all kinds of plastics are colored, the proportion can be directly added into the plastic evenly mixing can be pre-molded or molded, tonal concentration can be required to adjust the amount of dye in the transparent clean resin, It can obtain bright transparent color. If used in combination with an appropriate amount of titanium dioxide and dyes, you can obtain translucent or opaque tone. Dosage can be agreed according to the need, the general dosage in transparent tone is 0.02% ~ 0.05%, the normal dosage of opaque tone is about 0.1%. In general, if the requirements for fluorescence are not too high, the solvent yellow 93 can be used instead.

Appearance: orange powder

Color: intense green light with fluorescent effect.

Preparation method:

3,9-carboxydicarboxylic acid is heated with phosphorus pentachloride in nitrobenzene and condensed with isobutanol. Note: there are also some 3,10-isomers.

Reference: dye industry, 1978, (1): 27-31

AP Green 5(APCP)

Dikai Solvent Green 5(HZDK)

Elbaplast Fluorescent Green B(HDC)

Fatsol Green 7G(CFT)

Fluorescent Yellow(SIM)

Fluorol Green Gold(BASF)

Fluorol Green Gold 084(PYL)

Fluorol Green Golden 084(BASF)

Kenawax Fluorescent Yellow FGG( HAYS)

Kenawax Fluorescent Yellow FGGP(HAYS)

Keyplast Fluorescent Yellow Green 7G(KEY)

KPSolve Green R(KPS)

Oil Fluorescent Yellow(PSC)

Oilsol Fluorescent Yellow(MIUK)

Permalex Green 8G(STD)

Polymer Green T(JKL)

Polysolve Bright Yellow 5(PLSV)

Rosaplast Green F6G(ROSE)

Shaanxi Solvent Green 5(SXFT)

Simpsol Fluorescent Yellow 24533(WSS)

Solvent Green 5 Application:

mainly used for coloring different kinds of plastics, such as PS, HIPS,ABS,PC,PVC,PMMA,SAN,AS,ETC,can also used in colouring separation of oil products, resin and other light industrial products.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Solvent Green 5 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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