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How to use nigrosine black(solvent black 7) on plastics?

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We understand that nigrosine black(solvent black 7) and its benefits can be used more effectively in plastics, mainly in high-end nylon products. However, nigrosine black is not in compliance with food requirements and has no anti-UV function. If it needs to be applied outdoors, it needs to be added with carbon black. Like the rear view frame, it is a composite masterbatch with both nigrosine black and carbon black.

How to judge the quality of nigrosine black masterbatch? Unlike nitrins, nigrosine black is relatively easy to disperse during processing, but its temperature resistance is not as good as carbon black. Therefore, it must pay attention to temperature control during processing.

nigrosine black is an organic dye, so we can't use its ash furnace to test its content. Since nigrosine black is difficult to produce and the quality fluctuates greatly, the batch size of the manufacturer is small. There are no mature testing methods in China, but large foreign companies basically adopt three methods to measure the ash content. One is the ash furnace factor method, the second is the TGA stage method, and the last one is less commonly used. Spectrophotometry.

                                                                nigrosine black on plastic

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