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Direct Blue 86

Direct fast blue GL
Direct fast turquoise blue GL

CAS NO: 1330-38-7

CI.NO: 74180

Molecular Formula:C32H14CuN8Na2O6S2
Molecular Weight: 780.17
Shade: colourful green light blue. Gray blue to blue powder. Soluble in water of the lake blue solution.

Direct Blue 86 Physical and Chemical properties

Density 1.60
Dyeing Depth % 2
Light Fastness 2
Washing Fatness 2
Rubbing Fastness(dry) 4
Rubbing Fastness(wet) 3


sun exposure






acid and alkali resistant

standard depth



original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained




sulfuric acid

acetic acid

soda acid














Direct Blue 86 (Direct fast-resistant turquoise blue GL) alias direct blue L-G, celite blue GL, direct fast sapphire blue. The appearance is generally dark blue powder. Good water solubility, the solution is lake blue. Slightly sensitive to hard water. It is yellowish green in sulfuric acid, turns green and blue after dilution, has a blue-green precipitate; partially dissolved in concentrated nitric acid is yellowish green; it does not dissolve in concentrated sodium hydroxide; it is lake blue in concentrated ammonia.

Direct Blue 86 Use condition:

1. Direct fast-resistant turquoise blue GL dyed cotton or viscose fiber has bright emerald blue. The dyeing rate is general, the leveling property and the transferability are poor. When dyeing, salt should be added to control the dyeing to obtain uniform color. The highest dyeing temperature is 100 °C.

2. Direct fast-resistant turquoise GL is used for dyeing rich fiber, the dyeing rate is poor, the color is lighter than cotton, and it is also used for the dyeing of silk, wool and nylon. When dyeing vinyl fabric, the dyeing rate is worse than cotton, the color ratio is Viscose fiber is blue. When cotton, viscose fiber and other fibers are dyed in the same bath, silk and wool are lighter than cotton and viscose fiber, nylon and diacetate are slightly stained, triacetate, polyester and acrylic. Almost no staining (some products have stained polyester and acrylic).

3. Direct fast-resistant turquoise GL can be mixed with disperse dyes at high temperature to dye polyester-bonded fabrics. The dyeing bath is heated to 120 ° C under neutral conditions, or loaded with boiling dye. After the dyes are dyed with polyester, cool down. After dyeing for half an hour, the cellulose fibers are fully colored, and the dye is exhausted, and the color light is basically unchanged.

4. Direct Blue 86 (Direct fast blue GL) can be used for continuous padding of cotton. After padding, it is treated with 10~25g/L yuan powder boiling bath, then steamed at 100~103°C for 1-3min.

5. Direct fast-resistant turquoise GL can be used for direct printing of cotton or viscose fabrics. When printing deep-dense patterns, add urea and disodium hydrogen phosphate to prepare color paste. It can also be used for printing silk, wool and nylon fabrics.

6. Direct Blue 86 (Direct fast blue GL) bright color, good light fastness, is one of the commonly used dyes. Mainly used for dyeing and printing of viscose fabric, also used for cotton knit, cotton skein and viscose skein Dyeing or printing. It is not easy to dye dark, and the dyeing amount of dyeing or dip dyeing usually does not exceed 3% (owf), the dosage is increased, and the color is no longer deepened.

Direct Blue 86 Application:

Mainly used for silk things viscose dyeing and printing, also used in viscose fabric and twisted silk and silk fabric dyeing. Also can be used for leather and paper dyeing, also can be used in the manufacture of organic pigment sediment color.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Direct Blue 86 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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