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Application and parameters of Direct Yellow 12

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Direct Yellow 12

Chrysophenine GX
Direct Yellow GX
Benzol Yellow LG
Direct frozen yellow G
Direct Yellow G
Direct Yellow 4R
Pyrazol Yellow
Chrysophenin NS

CAS NO: 2870-32-8

CI.NO: 24895

Molecular Formula: C30H26N4Na2O8S2
Molecular Weight: 680.66
Shade: red light yellow. Deep yellow evenly powder.

Direct Yellow 12 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth % 2
Insolubles % 0.15
Light Fastness 2
Washing Fatness 2-3
Rubbing fastness(dry) 4
Rubbing fastness(wet) 3

Colour Fastness Test







acid and alkali resistant





original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiberstained

originalcolor change

white fiber stained






soda ash














Direct Yellow 12 alias directly frozen yellow GX, straight after brilliant yellow 4 r. Appearance is a deep yellow uniform powder. Soluble in water, yellow to golden yellow, the solubility of 30 G/L. 2% dye aqueous solution into frozen gel in the below 15 ℃. Slightly soluble in alcohol is green light yellow, slightly soluble in soluble fiber and acetone. A red light purple in the sulfuric acid, dilute purple to red light blue after precipitation. The aqueous solution of sulfuric acid precipitation in deep fast bordeaux, add sodium hydroxide precipitation golden orange, a slightly discolored in 10% sodium hydroxide solution.

Direct Yellow 12 Application:

Most suitable for dyeing of viscose like cotton, flax, viscose rayon, acetate and jute, also for Ink, Leather and Paper coloration.

Use condition:

1.It for cotton or viscose fiber dyed red light yellow, has the good dye migration performance and levelness, glue of uneven quality silk and cotton covering power. High dyeing rate, dyeing stage after dyeing appropriate natural cooling to 40 ℃, is conducive to dye absorbs.

2. Direct Yellow 12 in with acetic acid assisted dyeing conditions, can be used in the dyeing of polyamide fabric. In neutral bath and acetic acid bath can also be used for the dyeing of silk and wool dyeing wool when the additive sodium sulphate accelerating. Dye whalen, dyeing rate, color dye than viscose fiber reddish. Cotton or viscose fiber and other fibers with bath dyeing, silk and wool and cotton and viscose fiber is the depth of the approximation, but wool color is a bit dark, both vinegar fibre, polyester, acrylic, not color. Can be used to glue the silk and silk fabric dyeing, dyeing and alkaline rhodamine often used in two steps or two bath dyeing, color is very bright double color can be obtained.

3.It can be used for the direct printing of cotton and viscose fiber fabrics. Urea must be added to facilitate the dissolution of deep and dense colors, and it can also be used as the ground color of discharge printing. It can also be used for the direct printing of silk fabrics and discharge of ground color, in the same way as cotton and viscose fiber fabrics.

4.It is widely used, often with direct green B and direct acid-resistant red 4BS color spell, but the amount should not be too high, Otherwise, it will affect the fastness to wet treatment. Generally, this product is only used for dyeing and printing knitwear, flannelette and blanket on cotton fabrics


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Direct Yellow 12 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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