Direct Dyes

Application and parameters of direct dye products

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Direct dye green

  • Direct Green 1

    CAS NO.:3626-28-6
    Direct Green BE
    Direct Dark Green
    Direct Green N
    Direct Dark Green A
    Direct Dark Green B
    Direct Green WAC
    Nippon DarkGreen B
    Nippon Dark Green B Conc
    Phenamine Dark Green B
    Polycor Dark Green S
    Pontamine Green S
    Sandopel Dark Green B
    Shikiso Direct Dark Green B
    Tertrodirect Green BG
  • Direct Green 6

    CAS NO.:4335-09-5
    Direct Green B
    Direct Dark Green B
    Cotton GreenB
    Direct Brilliant GreenC
    Direct Brilliant Green CBM
    Direct Green A
    Direct Green B
    Direct Green BG
    Direct Green BN
    Direct Green BP
    Direct GreenBX
    Direct Green MB
    Naphtamine Green B
    Nippon Green B
    OrbaminGreen B
    Phenamine Green BG
    Pheno Bright Green

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