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HANGHZOU EMPEROR CHEMICAL CO,,LTD, was founded in 1998, located in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou city, is a world famous supplier of pigments and dyes, mainly producing and selling solvent dyes, direct dyes,basic dyes,acid dyes and other products. Based on the development and promotion of the chemical industry. Our company is a diversified supplier integrating production, sales and trade. Products sell well at home and abroad, especially in "One Belt, One Road" friendly countries. Our dyes are widely used in various fields such as textiles, leather, paper making, cotton, wood, chemical fertilizers and seeds. The company's integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.

We Have Attained:

      High product quality
      Greater cost saving
      Good product promotion
      Attractive packaging
As A Result:
      Customers now ask for our brand
      All- our dealers are achieving and exceeding their sales target
      Quality and Consistency is one of our Core Strengths
      Sample and actual process parameter records are maintained for every batch for crosschecks.
      Each and every batch is tested at different stages of the manufacturing process.
      We have a fully equiped laboratory with Digital Muller, Furnace, Filtration Press, Spectrophotometer and other instruments.
      Quality control and R&D is over seen by qualified and experienced chemical engineers.
      Continuous R&D improves Quality of the material and reduces manufacturing costs so as to provide best value for money to thecustomer.

Products Catalog

Solvent dyes
Solvent dye red
Solvent dye yellow
Solvent dye orange
Solvent dye green
Solvent dye blue
Solvent dye violet
Solvent dye black
Solvent dye brown
Basic dyes
Basic dye red
Basic dye yellow
Basic dye orange
Basic dye green
Basic dye blue
Basic dye violet
Basic dye black
Basic dye brown
Direct dyes
Direct dye red
Direct dye yellow
Direct dye orange
Direct dye blue
Direct dye green
Direct dye violet
Direct dye black
Direct dye brown
Acid dyes
Acid dye red
Acid dye yellow
Acid dye orange
Acid dye green
Acid dye violet
Acid dye blue
Acid dye black
Acid dye brown
Sulphur dyes
Sulphur dye red
Sulphur dye yellow
Sulphur dye green
Sulphur dye blue
Sulphur dye black
Sulphur dye brown
Vat dyes
Vat dye brown
Vat dye green
Vat dye red
Vat dye yellow
Vat dye orange
Vat dye blue
Vat dye violet
Vat dye black