Vat Green 8(TDS)

Application and parameters of Vat Green 8

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Vat Green 8

VAT khaki 2G
Vat olive green 5G
Vat Khaki 2G

CAS NO: 14999-97-4

CI.NO: 71050

Molecular Formula: C70H28N4O10
Molecular Weight: 1084.99
Shade: Olive

Vat Green 8 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth g/L


Dyeing method


Leuco color


Leveling property


Dead cotton

Light (Xenon test 1/12)


Light (Xenon test 1/1)


Light (Xenon test 2/1)


Colour Fastness Test


Sun fastness





Bleach resistant


Standard Depth



Sample change

White stained

Sample change

White stained








After 4h


Chlorine bleaching


Oxygen bleaching

Sample change

White stained















Vat Green 8(VAT khaki 2G) generally looks like black powder, insoluble in water, alcohol and organic solvents, dark brown in concentrated sulfuric acid, and olive-green precipitation after dilution.


Vat Green 8 Application:

Mainly used for dyeing cotton fiber. Applies to vat olive green b or brilliant green FPB fight with grass green, khaki, but also suitable for knitwear, yarn, cotton and polyester / cotton blended fabric dyeing. Printing less effective.

Vat Green 8 Use condition:

1.Reduction for cotton vat khaki 2g jig dyeing or impregnation, the most appropriate to use a method, the second method is suitable for b, also can use a special method (a method than usual increase in the amount of caustic soda 30% ~ 40%). Using dry cylinder reduction, a commonly used method, dry cylinder reduction time 10 ~ 15 min, temperature 60 ℃, dry cylinder stable time for 30 min.

2.Reduction of cotton fiber of vat khaki 2 g leuco high affinity, poor levelness, dyeing curve as shown in figure 4, 5-31. The dead cotton covering power, is the main dye with grass green. Dyeing, should strictly control the temperature, otherwise the colored light change is bigger, there will be a green or pale brown color. In addition to the available water to wash, such as air oxidation after dyeing, also can use dichromate oxidation, the colored light. Such as pickled before soaping, should be washed after acid and then to soaping, ensure its full hair color, and color normal (green). In addition to the jig dyeing or disseminated, more suspension for cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric pad dyeing.

3.Reduced Vat Green 8 has a poor printing effect due to its low fixation force. If it is used for printing, better printing effect can be obtained by mixing printing pulp with strong alkali. It is not suitable for discharge proof printing.

4.Reduction Vat Green 8 dyeing viscose fiber, the effect is poorer, when the low temperature dyeing, color is very shallow, above 60 ℃ dyeing, color is deep, but the color brown. Stick cotton blended fabric dyeing, viscose fiber groups of color is light than cotton.

5.After reduction Vat Green 8 printing and dyeing fabric was treated with urea formaldehyde or cyanal resin, the color became slightly lighter.


The reduced Vat Green 8 should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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