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Vat Violet 1

Vat Brilliant Violet 2R
Vat Brilliant Violet RR
Vat Brilliant Violet B
Cibanon Violet 2R

CAS NO: 1324-55-6

CI.NO: 60010

Molecular Formula: C34H14Cl2O2
Molecular Weight: 525.38
Shade: Brilliant blue purple.

Vat Violet 1 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth g/L


Dyeing method


Leuco color


Leveling property

Dead cotton

Light (Xenon test 1/12)


Light (Xenon test 1/1)


Light (Xenon test 2/1)



Application Features

Dyeing Method 

Dyeing Temperature (℃)

Reduction Method

Reduction Temperature (℃)

Leveling Property 

Other properties

The most suitable method is A, but also the B method.


Dry Cylinder



Micro light brittleness, dyeing

Water stains, high temperature and easy to change color


Colour Fastness Test

light fastness





Bleaching rsistant


standard depth



orginal color changed 

white fabric stained

orginal color changed 

white fabric stained





Chlorine bleaching

Oxygen bleaching

Orginal color chagned 

white fabric stained 















Vat Violet 1(Vat Brilliant 2R) appearance is blue-black powder. Insoluble in water, alcohol, acetone; slightly soluble in chloroform, o-chlorophenol, nitrobenzene, pyridine, tetrahydronaphthalene, toluene, xylene; soluble in benzene. It is green in color and has a purple precipitate after dilution. The leuco body formed by the dye in the alkaline powder solution is blue, and the acid powder solution is red and green.

Vat Violet 1 Application:

Mainly used for cotton, linen, synthetic fiber and silk dyeing and printing, also can be used for viscose/cotton, vinylon/cotton blended fabric dyeing and polyester/cotton blended fabric two bath process set of dye. Applicable to the fabric direct printing and VAT blue, reducing ash spell dyed dark blue or dark gray, also can be used in the manufacture of VAT blue, processing into organic pigment and plastic colorant.

Vat Violet 1 Use condition:

1. For the dyeing or dip dyeing of cotton products, it is most suitable to use the method of A. It is also applicable to the method of B. If it is dyed by B method, the amount of caustic soda needs to be increased by 15%. The reduction of dry cylinder takes 10~15min to reduce The temperature is 50~60°C, and the dry cylinder stabilization time is 30min.

2. leuco body has high affinity to cotton fiber, and the leveling property is general. The dyeing curve is shown in Figure 4-5-18. When dyeing, it should be dyed at low temperature, then gradually warm to the specified temperature, in the dye bath. Adding appropriate amount of cowhide glue or bone glue is beneficial to level dyeing. It has good hiding power for dead cotton. In addition to dyeing and dip dyeing, it can also be used for suspension padding.

3. Vat Violet 1 For direct printing on cotton, it should be oxidized with sodium perborate or hydrogen peroxide to prevent the color from being dimmed. When preparing the printing paste, the pre-reduction method is generally used, caustic soda or potassium carbonate is used as the alkali agent, and dissolved. Salt B is about 40g/L (or urea, cosolvent TD, etc.) to help the dye dissolve and penetrate, improve the color yield and levelness. It is also suitable for anti-dye printing, good anti-whitening effect. It can also be used for discharge printing.

4. The color used for vinylon dyeing is much more red than cotton, and it is darker. The dyeing of the blended cotton blend fabric is poor. For example, it can be used for viscose fabric printing, plus 5% urea. Improve the amount of color and improve the permeability. For the printing of viscose fabrics, 5% urea can increase the amount of color and improve the permeability.

5.printing and dyeing fabric is finished with BHES resin, and the color is dark blue and dark。


1. Vat Violet 1 has light brittleness, generally used for color matching, and often combined with Vat blue RSN to improve the redness of the dye.

2. Vat Brilliant Violet 2R dyed products are heated to blue, and when the water drops to red, it will return to normal color after cooling and drying. However, if the heat is uneven during drying, it is easy to produce chromatic aberration. When the yarn is dyed, it needs to be dried and kept. The color yarns are basically the same.

3. When domestically produced vat brilliant violet 2R and Vat blue RSN color matching padding, the amount of Vat brilliant violet 2R should not be too much, and should be ground separately, then mixed and ground, otherwise it will easily cause color point.

4. Vat Violet 1 should be stored in a dry, ventilated place to avoid moisture.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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