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Vat Green 1

Vat Brilliant Green 3B
Vat Brilliant Green FFB
Cibanon Green BF

CAS NO: 128-58-5

CI.NO: 59825

Molecular Formula: C36H20O4
Molecular Weight: 516.54
Shade: Brilliant green

Vat Green 1 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth g/L


Dyeing method


Leuco color


Leveling property


Dead cotton

Light (Xenon test 1/12)


Light (Xenon test 1/1)


Light (Xenon test 2/1)


Colour Fastness Test


Sun fastness





Bleach resistant


Standard Depth



Sample change

White stained

Sample change

White stained






White stained


After 4h


Chlorine bleaching


Oxygen bleaching

Sample change

White stained















Vat Green 1 is generally dark green powder, insoluble in water, alcohol, chloroform and toluene. Slightly soluble in acetone, o-chlorophenol, nitrobenzene, pyridine (heat); Soluble in tetrahydronaphthalene (hot). Is red and purple in the sulfuric acid, diluted precipitation. After green dye generated in the alkaline solution of rongalite leuco body is blue, the acid in the solution of rongalite is bright red. Restore brilliant green B and restore brilliant green FFB is with the dye structure, restore brilliant green B for crude product, light blue, other properties are the same.

Vat Green 1 Application:

Mainly used for cotton fiber dyeing and printing, also can be used for polyester/cotton blended fabric dyeing, the leuco is mainly used for cotton knits dyeing, but also can be used for plastic, soap and paper coloring.

Vat Green 1 Use condition:

1.Restore Vat Green 1(vat brilliant green FFB) for jig dyeing of cotton products or impregnation, the most appropriate to use a method, also available b when the color matching method, c method. Dry cylinder reduction to 10 ~ 15 min, reduction temperature 50 ~ 60 ℃, dry cylinder stable time should be more than 60 min.

2.Reduction of cotton fiber of brilliant green FFB leuco high affinity, good levelness, dyeing curve as shown in figure 4, 5-28. The dead cotton covering power medium. After dyeing, after bathing oxidation can obtain normal colours. Restore vat brilliant green FFB and reduction yellow GCN light such as brittle dye color matching, printing and dyeing products light brittleness has obvious ease, is the main dye color yarn dyed fabric, and the fine powder is widely used in the suspension of cotton fabric and polyester/cotton blended fabric pad dyeing.

3.Vat Green 1 is one of the most important VAT dyes for cotton printing.the printing pulp is prepared with caustic soda during direct printing, and then oxidized with sodium borate or hydrogen peroxide after printing.the discharge effect of VAT brilliant green FFB is poor, and it is only suitable for light and medium color discharge printing, mainly used for ground color discharge of insoluble azo dyes.

4.When viscose fibers are dyed by VAT bright green FFB, the dyeing temperature is lower and the color is darker. Dyeing temperature is higher, the color is normal color slants dark. Stick cotton blended fabric dyeing, viscose fiber group color darker. D suspension cotton blended fabric pad dyeing, dyeing results are consistent. Single dye whalen, colour and lustre are generally shallow and blue than single dyed cotton. Used for thermosol dyeing polyester-cotton (65/35) fabric, polyester composition with serious color (dark blue), pad dyeing with disperse dye bath can't get all one color. When used for polyester/cotton blended fabric printing, Due to the need for thermal setting in the subsequent processing, the color is slightly dimmer, but still meet the quality requirements of the product.

5.printed and dyed fabric is treated with BHES resin, and the color is darker and darker.


Restore vat bright green FFB should be stored in dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid damp.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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