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introduction of sulfur dyes

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Sulfur dye is a sulfur-containing dye, which has sulfur bonds in its molecular structure. It is based on aromatic amines or phenolic compounds as raw materials. It is obtained by melting with sodium polysulfide or sulfur, and is reduced and dissolved with sulfur sulfide during dyeing, so it is called sulfur dye.

Sulfur dyes are inexpensive, generally fast, and widely used. They are mainly used for dyeing cotton and other cellulose fibers. Because sulfur dyes are dyed in alkaline media, they are rarely used for dyeing protein fibers. Some sulfur dyes have photosensitivity to the fiber, so anti-embrittlement treatment is required when dyeing.

With the strengthening of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and environmental protection requirements and consideration of human health, the demand for sulfur dyes is gradually decreasing. Because sulfur dyes are made from certain aromatic amines and aminophenols, some of them are carcinogens. Therefore, certain varieties of sulfur dyes and their production are prohibited.


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