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Vat Black 8

Vat Grey M
Vat Grey 6BR
Vat Grey M-T

CAS NO: 2278-50-4

CI.NO: 71000

Molecular Formula: C45H19N3O4
Molecular Weight: 665.65
Shade: Blue light grey

Vat Black 8 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth g/L


Dyeing method


Leuco color


Leveling property


Dead cotton

Light (Xenon test 1/12)


Light (Xenon test 1/1)


Light (Xenon test 2/1)


Application Features

Dyeing Method

Dyeing Tempreture(℃)

VAT Method

VAT Tempreture(℃)



A Method


Dry cylinder, full bath



Sensitive to heat and water stains

Colour Fastness Test

Sun fastness





Bleach resistant


Standard Depth



Sample change

White stained

Sample change

White stained




After 4h

Chlorine bleaching

Oxygen bleaching

Sample change

White stained















The appearance of reduced Vat Black 8 (vat grey M) is generally gray-black powder, insoluble in water, acetone, alcohol, chloroform and toluene. It is slightly soluble in o-chlorophenol and pyridine, and is green in concentrated sulfuric acid.

Vat Black 8 Application:

Mainly used in the cotton fabric jig dyeing, dyeing and suspended pad dyeing, also used for Fiber/cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric two bath set of dye dyeing. Suitable for suspension pad dyeing deep, shallow gray, and can spell dye all kinds of noise. Its main leuco dye yarn, can also be used to viscose and silk dyeing.

Vat Black 8 Use condition:

1.for jig dyeing of cotton products or disseminated, suitable to use a special method, the dosage of caustic soda should be increased by 30% ~ 40% than general armor method. Such as caustic soda concentration in the dye bath is insufficient, can form the rearrangement of dye molecules, reduction temperature and the dyeing temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise due to the sensitivity of dyes to temperature makes light brown. It can be used dry cylinder reduction, also can use full bath.

2.The dyeing curve is shown in figure 4 -- 5 -- 41. The covering power of dead cotton is medium. The dye turns red after being boiled with soap.

3.Vat Black 8 can be used for direct printing, but it has poor fixation performance. It can also be used for ice-ground discharge printing.

4.Vat Black 8(VAT grey M) dyed viscose fiber, appropriate USES 60 ℃ dyeing. Dyeing stick cotton interwoven fabric, low temperature dyeing can get uniform color; Such as 50 ℃ in dyeing, part of the color is green and light cotton. Dye whalen, cotton fiber than dark color, and color than red cotton. D cotton blended fabric dyeing, after dark and yellow colours than cotton. Used for polyester/cotton blended fabric (65/35) thermosol dyeing, the polyester with a slight color (dark green light grey), so don't have much use.

5.After finishing with cyanaldehyde and BHES resin, the color of M dyed fabrics with reduced grey color remained unchanged. With trimethyl-trihydroxymethyl melamine, printing paste before the preparation of resin finishing, color is blue than the original.


1.Due to its sensitivity to heat, the reduced grey M dye has a greenish color when heated and a reddish color when cooled, which is easy to cause color difference. Therefore, when drying, the temperature should be controlled uniformly.

2.When reducing grey M is used to dye cotton yarn, it is suitable to dye it with dark color. The levelling effect of light color is poor, and it is easy to color the yarn with flowers.

3.Reducing gray M has the shortcoming of water stain and ironing discoloration.

4.Reducing ash M should be stored in dry and ventilated place to avoid damp.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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