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why need add salt in direct dyeing?

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Adding salt to the dyeing solution can increase the percentage of dyeing. A very important reason why salt has a dye-dyeing effect is to reduce the charge effect during fiber dyeing. Cellulose fibers are in neutral or weakly alkaline dye baths. There is a surface potential, which generates a charge repulsion with the direct dye anion. After the electrolyte is added, a large amount of positively charged sodium ions are generated in the dye solution, and the charge anion is kept neutral with the dye anion, thereby eliminating obstacles in the dyeing process and making the dye molecules and fibers. The surface is in close contact, which reduces the concentration difference between the dyeing liquid and the fiber interface, thereby increasing the dyeing percentage of the dye. However, the dyeing process of the direct dye can be roughly divided into three stages: adsorption, diffusion and fixation. In the adsorption stage, it should not be too fast. Coloring, if the electrolyte is added during the adsorption phase, it is possible to cause the dye to aggregate and cause unevenness, and the electrolyte is added in the middle to avoid excessive coloring and increase the percentage of dyeing.

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