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Direct Brown 95

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CAS NO: 6252-62-6

CI.NO: 30145

Molecular Formula: C31H20N6Na2O9S
Molecular Weight: 698.57
Shade: Brown.

Direct Brown 95 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth %


Insolubles %


Washing Fatness


Light Fastness


Rubbing fastness(wet)


Rubbing fastness(dry)


Application Features




metal ion effect(grade)

discharge property(grade)

other features














Colour Fastness Test

sun exposure






acid and alkali resistant

standard depth



original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained

original color change

white fiber stained




sulfuric acid

acetic acid

soda ash













Soluble in water for orange brown, solubility of 35g/L (80 ~ 85℃), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in acetone. The strong sulfuric acid to red light purple, diluted into orange brown; In nitric acid for dark purple solution (don’t). The dye solution to join strong hydrochloric acid for brown, have precipitation; Join thin or thick sodium hydroxide solution for a red brown, precipitation.

Appearance is generally brown powder. It has good water solubility and is sensitive to hard water. It is orange-brown in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in acetone. The dye is red and purple in concentrated sulfuric acid. Brown; partially dissolved in concentrated nitric acid, dark purple. The aqueous solution with concentrated hydrochloric acid has a brown precipitate, concentrated sodium hydroxide has a reddish brown precipitate. In case of copper, iron ions slightly discolored。

Direct Brown 95 Application:

Dye cellulose fiber dyeing, dye devoured the gender is good, in the 100 ℃ temperature when the biggest affinity. Discharge the gender is good. Hard to sensitive. Dyeing copper and iron ions in a slight discoloration. Mainly used in viscose and their blended fabric dyeing and printing, and can also be used to knit fabric, blankets and silk, polyamide fiber fabric dyeing and printing, and can also be used in leather, paper and plastic color.

Use condition:

1. It has been used for dyeing cotton or viscose fiber to get reddish brown. Poor transferability, sensitive to salt, slow temperature rise during dyeing and salt addition to control dyeing, can obtain uniform color. The rate is good. The highest dyeing temperature is 100 °C.

2. It has been used for dyeing rich fiber, good dyeing rate, similar color and cotton. It has also been used for dyeing or printing silk and its fabrics, adding Yuanming powder and acetic acid during dyeing, printing method with cotton And viscose fabric. When dyeing vinyl fabric, the dyeing rate is general, the color light is lighter than cotton. When cotton, viscose fiber and other fibers are dyed in the same bath, the silk color is darker than yellow and the wool is darker than yellow. , nylon and cotton are similar, acrylic, diacetate, polyester have a very slight stain, three vinegar fiber does not stain.

3. It has been dyed with high-temperature dyeing and blending fabrics with disperse dyes, and the color shade is basically unchanged. The dye bath is adjusted with ammonium sulfate to adjust the pH value, and it is heated to 120 ° C under neutral or slightly alkaline conditions, or loaded. Body boiling dyeing, after the dye is dyed with polyester, the dyeing is continued for half an hour, so that the cellulose fibers are fully colored to promote the dye exhaustion.

4. It has also been used for direct printing of cotton or viscose fabrics. It is printed with deep-dense pattern, plus urea and disodium hydrogen phosphate to prepare color paste. It is also an important dye for ground color discharge.

5. It has been used mainly for the dyeing and printing of viscose fiber and its fabrics. It is one of the main brown direct dyes. It has also been used for dyeing or printing cotton knits, carpets and silk fabrics. In addition to being used alone, it is often used in combination with yellow, red, gray and other brown dyes. It is very fast when dyeing light colors, and gradually dyed at high temperatures when dyeing dark colors.


Direct Brown 95 contains carcinogenic aromatic amine benzidine, which is a banned dye. The substitute dye is direct dark brown N-M, direct blended brown D-RS.



20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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