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CAS NO: 2429-82-5

CI.NO: 22311

Molecular Formula: C29H19N5Na2O7S
Molecular Weight: 627.54
Shade: Brown.

Direct brown 2 Physical and Chemical properties

Dyeing depth %


Insolubles %


Washing Fatness


Light Fastness


Rubbing fastness(wet)


Rubbing fastness(dry)


Application Features


SDC classification


metal ion effect(grade)

discharge property(grade)

other features














Red light brown. Brown powder. Soluble in water solution is a deep red light brown, soluble in ethanol is palm red light, soluble in soluble fiber element for red light brown, slightly soluble in acetone, insoluble in other organic solvents. The strong sulfuric acid for purple, diluted red light brown, precipitation; In nitric acid for orange brown. The dye solution to join strong hydrochloric acid for dark brown; Add thick sodium hydroxide solution for orange brown.

Cellulose fiber of dyeing, dye devoured rate is good, the temperature of 60 to 80 ℃ in the biggest affinity, discharge of dyeing with copper sulfate after treatment, it can improve the color fastness. 

Direct brown 2 Application:

Mainly used for cotton, such as glue of cellulose fiber dyeing and printing directly, can also be used for the pulp, leather dyeing and manufacturing color pigment sediment

Use condition:

1. It used to dye cotton or viscose fiber to get reddish brown. If diazotized, it will be reddish brown and brown by m-toluene diamine, and dark reddish brown by embalycol. It is dark brown. It has good dyeing rate, poor transferability, sensitivity to salt, slow heating during dyeing and salt addition to control the dyeing. It can obtain uniform color. The dyeing solution should be naturally cooled to 60~80 °C after dyeing. Conducive to dye exhaustion.

2. It has also been used for dyeing rich fiber, with good dyeing rate, similar color and dyeing cotton. It has also been used in the dyeing of silk, nylon and other fabrics. The dyed silk can be added with Yuanming powder. The dyed nylon fabric can be rolled. Dyeing method. When dyeing vinyl fabric, the dyeing rate is still good, and the color light is similar to that of dyeing cotton. When cotton, viscose fiber and other fibers are dyed in the same bath, the color of silk, wool and nylon is lighter than cotton and viscose fiber. The fiber is slightly yellowish, and the polyester and acrylic fibers are light gray. When used to dye viscose fiber and silk fabric, use strong alkaline dyeing bath or soap to make the silk colorless.

3.It has been used for direct printing of cotton or viscose fabrics, and it is necessary to add urea to dissolve the dark pattern. It can also be used for the printing of silk and nylon fabrics.

4. It was once one of the main red light brown direct dyes, applied to viscose fiber, silk, cotton and bast fiber.


Direct brown 2 can be decomposed out of benzidine, which is a banned dye. The substitute dye is C.I.Direct Brown 112.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Direct brown 2 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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