Solvent Black 34(TDS)

Application and parameters of Solvent Black 34

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Solvent Black 34

Zapon Fast Black B
Permalex Black BG
Solvent Black 811
Bright Black 3LBK

CAS NO: 32517-36-5

CI.NO: Solvent Black 34

Chemical Family: Monoazo series, Metal Complex
Shade: Bluish Black powder

Solvent Black 34 Physical and Chemical properties



Light Fastness




1- methoxy-2-propanol




2- ethoxyethanol




 metal complex solvent dye, with excellent solubility, wide range of solvent selection. It has good compatibility with various resins, bright colors, acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance.

Method: diazotization of 2-amino-5-nitrophenol, coupling with 2-tsai phenol, and then conversion to Ming complex (1 atom Ming p 2 mole mono azo dye).
Referance:DE3224JP 56-120765( 1980)
PB 73561,701-6(1944)
BIOS 961,95 FIAT 1313,3,135
English Name:
Complesol Black 6804(GCIC)
Dayglo Solvent Black 34(DGC)
Dikai Solvent Black 34(HZDK)
Meco Fast Black B-04(MZC)
Meco Fast Black B-04-C(MZC)
Orgalon Black 804(KCC)
Orgalon Black 804-T(KCC)
Permalex Black BG(STD)
Rathipon Black B(RDC)
Rosafast Black MJB(ROSE)
Shaanxi Solvent Black 34(SXFT)

Solvent Black 34 Application:

main used for Wood stains, Aluminium, Polyester & metals foils, Printing inks, Stationery inks, Glass, Plastic & Metal coatings, Leather & Plastic coloration/finishing etc.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

Solvent Black 34 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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