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What are the differences between disperse dyes, solvent dyes and vat dyes?

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Solvent dyes are dyes that are insoluble in water and soluble in oils or organic agents. Solvent dyes can be divided into two categories: oil-soluble and alcohol-soluble. Solvent dyes are mainly used for the coloration of petroleum products and greases. The latter is mostly used for the coloration of inks and plastic products.

Disperse dyes are a class of less water soluble nonionic dyes. It was first used for the dyeing of acetate fibers, called vinegar fiber dyes. With the development of synthetic fibers, nylon and polyester have appeared one after another, especially polyester. Due to its high degree of arranging, low fiber voids and strong hydrophobicity, it is necessary to puff the fibers in the presence of carrier or high temperature and hot solution. Fiber and dyed.

The vat dye is a dye which is excellent in various properties in the dye. The vat dye is a dye known as an anthraquinone dye, which is insoluble in water and is subjected to a reduction treatment by using sodium disulfite (insurance powder) in an alkaline solution to dye the fiber.


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