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Basic blue 41

Cationic blue 41
Cationic Blue SD-GRL
Chemical structure Single azo class
Molecular formula(C.I.11105/11154)

Basic blue 41 Physical and Chemical properties

K value

f value


other fiber stains(grade)


pH value

Application classification






















disperse type

The appearance is dark green lotus powder, the aqueous solution is blue. The acrylic fiber is bright blue, and it is reddish under the tungsten light. It is dyed at 120 ° C at high temperature, and the color light is unchanged. The copper ion and iron ion color are encountered during dyeing. There is slight variation. The blocking group of the dispersed cationic blue SD-GRL and cationic blue SD-GRL is 1-naphthalenesulfonic acid group.

Basic blue 41 Application:

1. Acrylic dyeing: It Suitable for acrylic dyeing, in acetic acid and sodium acetate bath, the dyeing bath pH is stable in 2~5 color. If dyed with sulfuric acid bath, the color is light and the color is green; It is dyed in formic acid bath, the color shade is unchanged. The dyeing rate is medium, it is suitable for dyeing brighter blue. It often combines with cationic yellow X-6G and red X-GRL to form three primary colors, which are dyed with various colors. The bright blue with a little red light and the dark blue with a dark color. If the dyeing is to be singeed, it will have an effect on the shade.

2. Other fiber dyeing: It can be dyed with acid-modified polyester and has a light fastness of 5. It is usually not suitable for dyeing of blended fabrics because it stains other fibers more heavily.

3. Printing:It can be used for direct printing of acrylic, diacetate or acid modified fabrics. The ground color can be whitened by Deklin.


basic blue 41 contains the isomer of p-aminoanisole, p-aminoanisole.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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