Solvent Blue 45(TDS)

Application and parameters of Solvent Blue 45

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Solvent Blue 45

Transparent Blue S-RLS
Savinyl Blue RS

CAS NO: 37299-23-5

CI.NO: 61551

Chemical Family: anthraquinone series
Shade:Bright blue powder
Higher plastic colorant are most suitable for various plastic materials coloring, with greater color strength, better fastness to heat, light, acid and alkali. This range is generally used in coloring domestic plastic materials, cop tube materials, fat dyeing, lacquers, inks and master batches dyeing.

Solvent Blue 45 Physical and Chemical properties



Melting Point(°C)


Light Fastness


Heat resistance




Butyl Acetate









Solvent Blue 45 Application:

used for inks, plastic.Some of them are suitable for dyeing chemicals fibre, such as dacron, nylon and cellulose acetate fibre.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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