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Basic blue 3

Cationic blue 3
Disperse cationic turquoise blue SD-GB
Chemical structure Alkazine
Molecular formula(C.I.51004)

Basic blue 3 Physical and Chemical properties

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f value


Other fiber stain(grade)


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Basic blue 3 appearance is bronze powder (or liquid), solubility is less affected by temperature, aqueous solution is green blue. Dark red in concentrated sulfuric acid, reddish blue after dilution. Add sodium hydroxide to blue solution Black precipitated. Acrylic fiber is bright green light blue, greener under tungsten light. Dyeing at 120°C, the color is greener. When dyeing, the copper ion color is noticeably green, and the iron ion color is dim. The blocking group of blue SD-GB and cationic turquoise blue-GB-GB is 1-naphthalenesulfonic acid group.

Basic blue 3 Application:

1. Acrylic dyeing: Dispersing cationic turquoise blue SD-GB is suitable for acrylic fiber dyeing, even in alkaline bath, it is stable, generally in acetic acid and sodium acetate bath, dye bath pH value is stable in the range of 2.5~8 If dyed with sulfuric acid bath or formic acid bath, the color shade is unchanged. This product is an old variety of basic dyes, used for acrylic dyeing, bright color, good light fastness, often with cationic golden GL and dispersed cationic pink SD - FG is dyed in bright and dark, or mixed with cationic yellow X-6G or yellow X-8GL, and dark green with cationic deep yellow GL or golden GL.

2. Other fiber dyeing: Cationic blue 3 can be used to dye cotton fiber with tannin, but the fastness is very poor. It can also be dyed with acid modified polyester, and the light fastness is 3. Grade 7 fastness to dyed vinegar fiber, soaping fastness Grades 4~5, staining fastness 2~3. It is also used for the dyeing of woolen and acrylonitrile blended fabrics. It has little staining on wool and adhesive. It is suitable for dyeing silk with the same method of grafting. Improve color fastness.

3. Printing: Cationic blue 3 can be directly printed on acrylic or diacetate fabric. It can be pulled out in light color. It is used for direct printing and has good stability of color paste. It is a common type of acrylic blanket printing.

4. Other: Can be used for leather dyeing.


Basic blue 3 contains toxic aromatic amines, which are banned dyes for acute toxicity.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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