Solvent Yellow 14(TDS)

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Solvent Yellow 14

Oil Yellow R
Sudan Orange 220
Fast Orange R 01
Somalia Orange GR

CAS NO: 842-07-9

CI.NO: 12055

Chemical Family: Monoazo series
Molecular Formula: C16H12N2O
Molecular Weight: 248.28
Shade: orange yellow or reddish yellow

Solvent Yellow 14 Physical and Chemical properties



Melting Point(°C)


Light Fastness


Sublimation Point (°C)


Heat resistance




Butyl Acetate








1. Solvent yellow 14 has high thermal stability;
2. Good light fastness and weather fastness of Sudan yellow;
3.EMPEROR Yellow 8314 has bright colors and high coloring strength;
4.Oil soluble yellow R with High brightness.

melting point 134 ^ 0, orange red in ethanol, acetone and benzene, insoluble in water. It is magenta in concentrated sulfuric acid, orange precipitate after dilution; it is red solution when heated in concentrated hydrochloric acid, dark green hydrochloride crystallizes out after cooling, but hydrogen chloride will be lost during separation. 






melting point(℃)


Stable to(℃)


Water resistance


sodium carbonate(5%)


hydrochloric acid (5%)


Preparation method: diazotization of aniline, coupling with 2-cresol.           
Reference: Shanghai dye production process collection, 524-525 (1976)PB 73607, 6751-3; PB 74027, 3497-8
FIAT 1313.11.258
FIAT 764—Sudanorange R
Helv.Chim.Acta,8( 1925),750
JCS, 1930,2787
JSDC.51( 1935),37;52( 1936),48
ABCOL Oil Orange(ACI)
Aizen SOT Orange-l(HCC)
Akasol Orange AB(ACD)
Atlasol Orange 2G(ATL)
Atul Oil Orange R(AP)
Carburex Orange R(VSt)
Dayglo Solvent Yellow 14(DGC)
Dikai Solvent Yellow I4(HZDK)
Dupont Oil Orange(PYL) Durasolve Orange BWE(TEP) Elbaplast Yellow 4R(HDC)
Fat Orange R(PYL)
Fat Orange R 01 (CLAR)
Fatsol Yellow 4R(CFT)
Indasol Orange R(IKL)
Kenawax Orange ES(HAYS)
Kcyplast Orange R(KEY)
KPSolve Yellow AP(KPS)
Krasoi Orange(KRAS)
Morplas Orange Y(MRT)
Morton Orange Y(PYL)
Novasol Yellow RF(Hunt)
Oil Orange(COLR-)
Oil Orange 205(PSC)
Oil Orange 205(PYL)
Oil Orange 2311(PYL)
Oil Orange E(DNT)
Oil Orange E(LJP)
Oil Orange G(RBM)
Oil Orange G 9320(SHIE)
Oil Orange GDC-l(GOL)
Oil Orange PEL(PYL)
Oil Orange PS(OCA)
Oil Orange R(SI)
Oil Yellow R(LNIE)
Oil Yellow R(SIC)
Oilsol Orange E(RH)
Orient Oil Orange PS(KKK)
Permalex Gold(STD)
Permalex Orange(STD)
Permalex Sunflower(STD)
Permalex Sunrise(STD)
Permalex Yellow 3G(STD)
Permalex Yellow E(STD)
Plasol Orange 23(KCC) Polysolve Yellow 14(PLSV) Rosaplast Orange R(ROSE) Shaanxi Solvent Yellow 14(SXFT) Simpsol Orange 15533(WSS)
Smoke Yellow 14(HDC)
Solvent Orange EP(BIL)
Solvent Yellow 2G(GCI)
Solvent Yellow R(NBIE)
Spectra Oil Orange 231 l(SCC) Spirit Golden Yellow R(CD)
Sudan Orange 220(BASF)
Sudan Orange RA(PYL)
Sudan Yellow(SIM)
Supra Oil Orange(MON) Thermoplast X Orange 220(PYL)
Vicosol Oil Orange R(VCC)
Victosol Orange(VDL)
Waxol Orange AB(DEV)
Waxoline Orange EP(ICI)
Waxoline Orange EPFW(PYL) Yellow S22AS(MVP)
Youhao Oil Orange I(TJIE

Solvent Yellow 14 Application:

mainly used in coloring different plastics,such as PS,HIPS,RPVC,PMMA,SAN,etc, also used in coloring shoes cream,floor wax,resin, printing inks,and oil products, also used in making fireworks and transparent paints.


20 or 25kg/compound bag, carton box, iron drum, fiber durm for powder dye and 1000kg/tank for liquid dye

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